Installing Rattle on the Mac

Rattle sometimes gives errors when installed on Macs.


Rattle is not needed until next week, but Yicong Li figured out some very useful information. In the past, many Mac owners have had trouble installing Rattle. Here is what she learned, after considerable research. Also: It is worth repeating the regular Rattle install several times. The basic problem is that some additional libraries must be installed in order for Rattle to run. These libraries seem to install only gradually.

Please give comments on this message if you run into additional installation problems. Also respond if you have suggestions that might be helpful.

Hi Roger,
Just want to update with you that I think I found a solution for installing rattle packages.
Problem: run >library(rattle) , error on install GTK+
Note: No need re-install R or Rstudio, just install XQuartz and GTK+ from links provided.
Then run >install.packages(“rattle”, repos=”“, type=”source”)
It works on my Mac now. Hope it can help others that having the same problem.
Here is what I did on another machine and it worked.
  1. Install XQuartz from this link.
  2. Install GTK+ from this link.
  3. run install.packages("rattle", dependencies = T)
This will work.

Author: Roger Bohn

Professor of Tech Management, UC San Diego. General blog

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