World Bank data scientist position

World Bank hiring.


A GPS alumni recently sent me this job announcement. It’s related to a “Big Data Innovation Contest” that the Bank ran.

The data scientist will support an interdisciplinary team that delivers both technical assistance and knowledge activities to support World Bank Global Practices to put big data into action for development. The candidate will help test and incubate big data applications across several sectors, including pilots profiled in recent publication . Further, we are seeking specialized skills in network and graph analytics for use in applications to improve and mobilize development knowledge and services within the World Bank, and toward emerging development applications in sectoral areas like trade, mobility patterns, and accessibility to jobs.

The solution areas the data scientist will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Operational Applications: Topic modeling, natural language processing, and network analytics on development and organizational information to develop innovative and automated knowledge and data products and services to improve operational effectiveness
  • Development Applications: Provide data science technical assistance to applied research projects to test and validate big data pilots that typically use non-traditional data sources and methods, including social media, mobile phone, satellite, and ground sensor data and analytics for sectoral development applications like machine learning on big data sources to estimate poverty, to monitor crop yields, road conditions, and urbanization assessments

Author: Roger Bohn

Professor of Tech Management, UC San Diego. General blog

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