Articles about “data science”

The next iteration of my course starts on April 2, 2018. For people who are baffled by all the buzz words and conflicting advice (and who isn’t?), I’m going to post some article links here. It will be a potpourri. When the course starts, I may go back and reorganize the material by topic.

I will also reactivate my Twitter tag #BDA, in my twitter feed. But #BDA seems to refer to something in Spanish (does anyone know what?), so I will pair it with #DataMining. So look for tweets:  @RogerBohn #BDA #DataMining I won’t put anything mission-critical in the tweets.

Udacity: 4 Types of Data Science Jobs 

Although it’s useful for discussing the range of “technical” skills that are useful, this article  ignores the  business and application side of data science. If you can’t help answer the “So what?” question, you won’t be very useful. And the skills for “So what?” are quite different than the technical skills in the article. MBA versus computer science,  basically.

Author: Roger Bohn

Professor of Technology Management, UC San Diego. Visiting Stanford Medical School Twitter =Roger.Bohn

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