Latest syllabus, assignments, + notes for #BDA Big Data Analytics at UC San Diego

This page links to the latest versions of course material. Some PDF, some HTML. Update May 29, 2018

Lecture Notes (chronological order)

  1. BDA18-D3 Chap9_CART RB.  For the class of April 9, on CART
  2. BDA18 Class 4 Lecture notes Toyota  For the class of April 11, on CART + Toyota
  3. Logistic Regression 2018  Class of April 16 on classification using linear models aka logistic regression.
  4. Class of April 18 on linear categorical models aka logistic regression. BDA18 illustration of Rattle use 04-18
  5. Notes on Linear Regression, Week 4,  April 23, 25  BDA18 regression 04/25.pdf.   BDA18 regression slides 4-23. Use primarily the April 25 version; 4/23 has a few additional  slides.
  6. How to go from Rattle to RBDA18 Rattle to R code 4-25.pdf
  7.   Lecture Notes Week 5 Random Forests BDA18 Random Forests2018B
  8. Lecture Notes Week 6 Text Mining, Day 1
    Tutorial worked through in class. Basic Text Mining in R 2017 version
  9. Week 6 Text mining #2 2018b 
  10. Week 7 LASSO, Monday May 14.
  11. Week 8  lecture notes. Monday May 21. BDA18 feature engineering case study

Advice, tutorials, reference books, other useful material

Special topics – for specific papers

The Big Data Analytics course introduces data mining with techniques and concepts that are broadly applicable. Individual topics and projects have specific techniques, needs, and resources. In keeping with the theme “Borrow and re-use, don’t invent anything yourself,” here are some resources that are especially suited to particular topics.

Don’t forget to try to site’s Search window  (usually near the upper right) to look up possible keywords. Many of these topics also have entire books about them, such as on Springerlink.

Other links:

Google folder for the course.  There you will find all datasets for the textbook,

The official textbook web site is
Once you register, you can get these datasets, and the R Code. (It’s better to type the R Code by hand, the first time.)

Contact Information

Personal web site:

Author: Roger Bohn

Professor of Technology Management, UC San Diego. Visiting Stanford Medical School Twitter =Roger.Bohn

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