Final paper ‘dating site’

Post a comment here, say what you are looking for. Do you have a specific topic, and want another person? Are you open about the topic? Do you have relevant background, e.g. family business experience? I will keep this site open for at least 2 weeks, and we will see if it grows into a broader discussion.

Author: Roger Bohn

Professor of Technology Management, UC San Diego. Visiting Stanford Medical School Twitter =Roger.Bohn

6 thoughts on “Final paper ‘dating site’”

  1. Hey Everyone,

    My name is Bailey Marsheck, and I’m an undergrad interested in International Economics/International Relations. I am looking to do a project using the Russian disinformation Twitter dataset, possibly comparing it to a different data set to try to learn something about the effects of Russian disinformation. I haven’t settled on a topic fully, but the data is easily available and appears workable. If this seems like something that interests you, my mail is!

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    1. It is technically possible. But it’s probably not legal, unless you have a signed developer contract, and even then there are many ethical and legal issues – look up Cambridge Analytics for examples! So when students in the course want to do social network analysis they use either Twitter, or a special purpose site.


  2. Hello all. My name is Fletcher Lin. I am currently looking for a partner and meeting new people at grad schools. I am undergraduate Math and Econ major, and would be interested in projects relating to economics, finances, and physics (muon projects mention in class). If any of these topics are what you’d like to explore, feel free to contact me via email Thanks!


  3. Hey guys, is anyone interested in the Sony PlayStation project? I have some programming experience in machine learning using Python and familiar with business analytics using R, and looking for someone with a similar background. Please let me know ( if you are interested:)


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