Weekly project reports 3, 4, 5, …

What to submit each week to show progress on your project.

Each week, each team should submit a project progress report. Submit via Ted/TritonEd. Their purpose is  partly to help you  focus on what you have accomplished and what needs to be done next. I will also scan them, and offer comments from time to time. If you have a specific question /advice that you want to be answered also send your report to me via email #BDA18. It’s especially important to let me know by email or visit if you have become hung up by a  bottleneck such as getting specific data, a technique that you have not figured out (often, a text mining question), or anything else.

Here is the “generic assignment:”

Project reports continue to be due weekly, preferably on Saturdays unless we discuss another time for your next report (such as just after a meeting during office hours). Follow the usual rules if you are a team – both people submit identical files.

The content of each report depends on your stage of activity. A general guide is on the website. It’s especially important to 1) show steady progress, and 2) gather and look at real data, even if you don’t know yet how you are going to analyze it, 3) Use an approach of incremental modeling, rather than trying to create one giant analysis.

You only need write a paragraph or 2 of text. Emphasize your major new insights and analyses. Attach printouts of outputs (including exploratory analysis etc.), highlighting anything that you think is noteworthy. Make the exhibits  self-explanatory by incuding a good caption, circling key numbers, etc. Informal exhibits are ok, even handwriting.

Memos and examples about projects and project reports

BDA18 Project assignment example 4-17 

Examples of past intermediate reports.


BDA Assign 2016-02-14_Hyerim Kim_Project 3+ comments

Added material for the #SIE-PSN project.


BDA18 Sony PSN project update 4-19

Playstation #SIE-PSN information

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