Data Sets for homework

  1. Data sets for Chapter 3 of DMBA. April, 2017
    1. BostonHousing.csv
    2. Amtrak data.csv
  2. eBayAuctions.csv for chapter 10
  3. ToyotaCorolla_data_binary 

  4. EPA mileage data for 30 years,.  EPA DATA vehicles-2.  A smaller and cleaner version of the EPA data. See memo I wrote describing how I did this cleaning in straight R. EPA mileage data from item 3, after some cleanup.

  5. EPA mileage data for use in  May 2018. epa-mileage-version-2.3
  6. Data sets from the textbook are on the textbook web site, have been copied to the Google folder for the course.