Careers in Data Analytics discussion Monday May 14, 12:30

GPS alumni Nick Beaudoin ( Class of 2015 will hold a session next Monday May 14 on  “Careers in Data Analytics” from 12:30-1:30 pm. It’s in Room 3107 (Building 3, downstairs corner conference room).

Nick works for Deloitte, but it’s not a recruiting session. He will discuss general advice and skills needed to pursue a career in data analytics with any (large) company.  Please  RSVP for the event on GPScareers. Ask Kristen if you have any questions.

Data-related jobs

A few of a stream of job ads looking for people with data analytic skills.

I get a newsletter about R and data analytics  which includes a job board.  The skill levels being requested are highly variable. For example one ad, excerpted below,  fits many GPS grads.  It specifically mentions STATA, R, and ArcGIS. Remember that company ads aim higher than they realistically expect to find.

An alumni at Raytheon is looking for multiple people with higher skills. US citizens only. He writes:

Searching for a Data Engineer and a Data Scientist for my team at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) in Massachusetts. Let me know if you want to discuss or if you have people in mind that may be interested. Forward along at will. Thanks!

We seek an entrepreneurial data analyst capable of working across functional and business areas with minimal supervision in order to support the application of data science methods and statistical techniques to data for internal use at Raytheon. You will work directly with the Manager of Advanced Analytics at IDS to develop and execute analytics products for internal business users. Solutions will span manufacturing, engineering, business development, supply chain, and quality control functions.

Job from Blog site

  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or quantitative field required; Master’s preferred
  • Self-motivated and experience working in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment
  • Excellent organization skills with strong attention to detail, ability to prioritize and capacity to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Expert level of experience with Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Proficient in programming with R, STATA, SPSS, or other statistical software
  • Proficient in ArcGIS or similar mapping software

The newsletter/blog site is It’s rather geeky. The jobs board is just a sideline.


Class 4, Classification trees and Toyota cars + projects. Update 4/12 1pm

This page has been expanded after class.

  1. (new).  Important: list of key ideas. In draft form only. BDA18 Class 4 key conceptsC 
  2. (new)Lecture notes BDA18 Class 4 Lecture notes Toyota  This has answers to some of the questions asked on post-its. I still need to post additional Q&A.
  3. (new) Updated page with more Questions & Answers about the Toyota case. Q&A about CART + Toyota What to put in your write-up, what to do about “Model” variable, etc.
  4. Feiyang will have an R session, this Friday at  1pm. Gardner Auditorium. These classes are required for the R certification. See also the new page Resources for R language. My office hours tonight 6:30 pm – let’s talk about paper topics.

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Articles about “data science”

The next iteration of my course starts on April 2, 2018. For people who are baffled by all the buzz words and conflicting advice (and who isn’t?), I’m going to post some article links here. It will be a potpourri. When the course starts, I may go back and reorganize the material by topic.

I will also reactivate my Twitter tag #BDA, in my twitter feed. But #BDA seems to refer to something in Spanish (does anyone know what?), so I will pair it with #DataMining. So look for tweets:  @RogerBohn #BDA #DataMining I won’t put anything mission-critical in the tweets.

Udacity: 4 Types of Data Science Jobs 

Although it’s useful for discussing the range of “technical” skills that are useful, this article  ignores the  business and application side of data science. If you can’t help answer the “So what?” question, you won’t be very useful. And the skills for “So what?” are quite different than the technical skills in the article. MBA versus computer science,  basically.

World Bank data scientist position

World Bank hiring.

A GPS alumni recently sent me this job announcement. It’s related to a “Big Data Innovation Contest” that the Bank ran.

The data scientist will support an interdisciplinary team that delivers both technical assistance and knowledge activities to support World Bank Global Practices to put big data into action for development. The candidate will help test and incubate big data applications across several sectors, including pilots profiled in recent publication . Further, we are seeking specialized skills in network and graph analytics for use in applications to improve and mobilize development knowledge and services within the World Bank, and toward emerging development applications in sectoral areas like trade, mobility patterns, and accessibility to jobs.

The solution areas the data scientist will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Operational Applications: Topic modeling, natural language processing, and network analytics on development and organizational information to develop innovative and automated knowledge and data products and services to improve operational effectiveness
  • Development Applications: Provide data science technical assistance to applied research projects to test and validate big data pilots that typically use non-traditional data sources and methods, including social media, mobile phone, satellite, and ground sensor data and analytics for sectoral development applications like machine learning on big data sources to estimate poverty, to monitor crop yields, road conditions, and urbanization assessments

Different quant sub-disciplines, used for different purposes

What are the differences between data science, data mining, machine learning, statistics, operations research, and so on?Here I compare several analytic disci…

Source: 16 analytic disciplines compared to data science – Data Science Central

RB comment: Useful vocabulary for job-hunting synonyms. I don’t take the nuances of his distinctions seriously, such as “business intelligence” versus “business analytics” versus “data analysis.”  Each organization needs a range of skills to do a range of activities. But, despite that, it is good for showing the wide range of quant skills that are useful.